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QUESTION: Mark 12/03/1969 9:43pm and Kristin 12/02/1979.  Currently in a relationship does it look good for me to marry Kristin?

ANSWER: Tarot cards drawn for your question are the Nine of Swords + Ten of Cups

I normally pull only one card out, but these 2 cards literally jumped out together, which is unfortunate - as instead of absolute bliss together, there's depressive energies within the relationship atmosphere. It feels like there's some fear generated between the both of you, and until this emotional fear is addressed happiness will be out of reach. I would suggest seeking the advice of a professional counselor, for there are other people existing in the external environment that are adding to the fears. But the environment is not the problem, but the fear within one/both of you. Fix that, and happiness is on the cards.

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QUESTION: Thank you, you are absolutely correct.  I am very amazed at your accuracy. What if one of us does not want to address the issue, we tried professional counseling but she did not want to continue and does not want to address the issues.  I'm feeling this union is not in the cards, if issues cannot be addressed I cannot move forward.  Is this a correct assesment?

Thank you Mark for your feedback, think of psychics as a messenger with knowledge from the unconscious. I'd be happy to explore further with you, but for that you will have to purchase from my website.

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