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Hello thank you so much for offering this.
My name is Silvia
33 years old (DOB: April 2nd, '79)
Question:I have recently met, Jose Luis (DOB: Feb 13th, '71). When we met I felt a strong connection, I think it s mutual but not sure where he stands and what he is looking for.
Thank you so much!!!! Take care, S.

His current experiences in love are that something promising is in his future. Someone special is going to enter his life. It also means that he is going to give or receive guidance about his relationship. This is all indicated to me by The Star.

Right now heís so caught up in everything else going on in his life (such as work) that if heís uninvolved with someone else; he may be blocking himself from actively looking for someone. In a relationship, King of Wands means he needs for someone to understand everything else he has going on but someone who will also pull him away from his work from time to time.

He seems to be recently single and he really didnít enjoy the break-up as indicated by the Five of cups. He may want to be with his ex, but it isnít going to happen. He may feel like a new relationship would be emotionally demanding and turn down anyone who tries to start a new relationship with him.

One of his best qualities in his relationships is that he pays attention to small details and enjoys new experiences as indicated by the Eight of Pentacles.

His possible future experience in love is that heís not over the break-up and doesnít feel interested in love. He needs to work on getting over it and starting over as indicated through the Ten of Swords.

If I were you, Iíd try to casually find out if there was some kind of break-up and then work to be his friend. Heís probably going to be resilient to relationships or at least act that way. But the cards show someone is coming into his life. Perhaps if youíre patient and work at it, that person could be you.

I hope this helps.  

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