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I feel my current relationship will not work out. Do you see a better match for me in my future?


I chose a card to represent the outlook for your romantic situation. That card was the Nine of Pentacles. In regard to romance, this card implies that either your relationship is heading for smooth sailing or that you’ll meet someone through work or business and you will bond quickly.

I asked the card what will help your situation and the answer was the Six of Swords which indicates that some kind of trip or time together would be better for the relationship than any kind of counseling or talking about it.

The next card represents what the previous two cards will lead to. That card is The Emperor. This card represents that your chemistry will grow over time.

The fourth card represents how you will feel about the other three cards. This card is Strength. In regard to romance, Strength represents your sex life taking off or entering into a passionate affair.

Based off of the four cards together, I’d say that your current relationship is feasible with work and endurance, but if you’re having doubts or need more, you’ll likely not chose to work it out.

I hope this helps you.  

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The tarot can answer your questions pertaining to possible outcomes. While nothing a card says is set in stone, it warns you about future events. It's up to you to decide to maintain the positive outcomes or change the negative outcomes. I can use my cards to help give you insight about hard decisions, obstacles and blockages. These apply to health, careers, relationships, and any other life event that requires careful reflection and consideration.


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