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First name is Cathy, Year of Birth 1992.  I have a crush on my previous boss, Eugene Birth Year 1981. I stopped working at that place so I have not seen him for a while.  I want to know if he will contact me or try to find me or not.  I gave him my phone number before I left but he has not called me yet.  It's been over a year now. I wonder if he remembers me or will ever seek to get in touch with me.  Thank you very much.

Tarot cards drawn for your question are the The Hermit + Ace of Wands + Two of Coins

I normally pull only one card out, but these 3 cards literally jumped out together, which is giving you a very strong message that Eugene is not going to get in touch with you, this is fact, no matter how much you yearn for him to do so (IF anything happens somewhere in the future, it will be a very short-term thing.. but I feel there will not be any contact from him) The message of the cards is that you're juggling whether to wait for Eugene or move on, remember it's your choices that keep you in the single life. Choose wisely.  

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