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Do you see good long term romance with me and Steven? We've been dating 3 months now.

My dob: 13/10/84
His dob: 21/1/76

Wow clearly I can feel how in lust you are with Steven, you really have the hots for this guy, obsession level? Is it his age? Is it his looks? There's just something about him that has you fired up about him. Now Steven, well he feels like he needs a change (from you) he's just dating, he's not feeling you're the one to settle down with long-term nothing, he's just dipping his water into the pool and seeing what's the scenery like, he has lots of issues he himself needs to get to grips with (nothing personal to you Maria)

It feels like Steven's giving you subtle signs that he's ready to go his way, and you go your way, but you're so in lust with him that you're not reading this visible clues. I feel you both will go your separate ways and there won't be a long-term romance between you.

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