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My name is Emma and I am 41 years old.

I would like to know how my finances will be for the next 6 months or so.  

I choose 1 for shuffling.

Many thanks.

Emma -

Your financial foundation right now is that you may have taken some bad advice. This is indicated to me through the Ten of Swords. It seems likely that youíll quickly find solutions for the financial things that are troubling you, but you need to make a plan to live on the reduction right now.

The Six of Wands show me a financial increase that could be occurring now or in the very near future.

The Page of Pentacles indicates that you need to trust yourself with your financial choices. You need to depend on the things you know. If you have a set income, you need to rely on that more than anything unexpected. Donít spend money that hasnít yet arrived.

The Ace of Wands shows me that you could increase your money through an unexpected new opportunity. This could be a new job.

The Four of Swords indicate that your finances could be stalled right now but the stagnation isnít going to last forever.  

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