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My name is john and im 31 my question has to do with money.  How is money looking for me and my family in the next six months.  Any new jobs coming along that will pay well,etc.  The number i choose is 4



To start this reading, I decided to use the months of January 2013 through June 2013 since you asked about the next six months and we're already moving through December. I pulled six cards with each one representing one of those months.

The card for January is the Ace of Pentacles. From a financial perspective, this means that if you've been contemplating selling property or investments, you're going to be offered more than you expected to receive for them and the offer will convince you to sell.  Pentacles in tarot decks are the suit of cards that primarily represent financial changes. The Ace of Pentacles also means from a general sense that you are making current decisions that will bring about financial gain in the near future. I'm curious as to whether you're expecting a child or will conceive one in the next year. (If you don't want for that to be "in the cards" for the next year, be mindful. )

The card for February is the Knight of Cups. You'll be spending a lot of money and you'll be aware of this. You need to be careful with money, but if you have excess expenses in February, it won't harm you in the long run. The outlook for February is positive. In a financial way, this card may represent that there are financial lessons your parents taught you. If your parents gave you specific financial advice when you were younger, now is a good time to implement whatever it was they told you.

The card for March is the Nine of Pentacles. This card implies financial protection and security. This card and the last two cards could all imply selling or adding on to a house. Any chance you are adding on to your house, selling it, or creating a home office?

The card for April is the Eight of Wands. From a financial perspective it means that you're having unexpected gains. In a general sense, this card implies the need for you to do a lot of networking involving technology such as building a new web site.

May is the Page of Wands. This is another positive card that exemplifies everything I've already said. It mentions mortgages or loans being approved, unexpected refund checks and coming out ahead.

June is The Emperor which is a financially positive card and means that not only are you going to come out ahead, but you'll be creating the opportunities for yourself.

All together, this is the most positive financial reading I've seen so far and it looks to me like you could benefit from networking and possibly working on your own business or projects. Because there's less security in being your own boss, it may be something you could look into on the side or weekends if you have some ideas you want to get started on.

Hope this helps!  

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