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Tarot Card Readings/Says he doesn't want a girlfriend, but treats me like one?


Hi Serena-- thank you for dedicating your time and energies to helping others!  I met a guy through work in October and this is the closest to love at first sight that I have ever experienced.  He got an awesome opportunity out of state and has gone away for six weeks, but before then we were having such fun, spending so much time together, meeting each other's friends and roommates, and even telling our parents about each other.  He says that he really likes me and he wants to talk to me and see me.  He also told me that he doesn't want a relationship because he sees how much time his friends spend on their girlfriends and he feels like he should be dedicating that time and energy to his music.  I have realized that I want security/assurance and also that I am falling in love with him.  I am so confused why he says he doesn't want to be in a relationship, but has been acting as if we are?  Can you please help me see what is going on between us right now and what is likely to happen when he comes back in January?  I am Vanessa (7/16/88) and he is Ryan (4/8/86).

The Tarot card drawn for your question is the Three of Cups

Related Words: Happiness, Good luck, Celebrations, Blessings, Sensuality, Pleasure, Frivolity, Fertility, Pregnancy, Perfection, Union, Abundance, Liberality, Generosity,

So here you can clearly see that Ryan is enjoying your company very much, and there's a lot of intimacy existing already in just this friendship atmosphere, lots of happiness between both of you. I cannot pull one more card out, but you can see that Ryan doesn't need to enter into a long-term relationship with you, or fall in love with you because you have already given him a taste of happiness; now he can focus on his music.

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