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Hi Serena, I've read your past responses, and you seem very direct and to the point. Thank you, because that's exactly what i need. Im Sophia born Jan.11 1983 and my boyfriend of almost 2 yrs is Marcelino born Dec.25 1979. My question to you is if this is my partner for long term, that i should start a family with? We are different in alot of ways and recently I've been thinking of greener pastures, but im fearful this might not be the case for me and Marcelino might be my best bet for the long term. Any help you could provide regarding this is so greatly appreciated. As im at a crossroads and dont want to go down the wrong path. Thank you so much for your guidance!

The Tarot card drawn for your question is the Eight of Pentacles

Related Words: Hard work, Perseverance, Extra effort, Action, Focus, Diligence, Repeating patterns, Bottom-of-the-ladder feeling, Integrity, Quality.

You can understand that to reach where Marcelino and you currently are, took a great deal of hard work and effort, and there's still much ground to cover. You have to ask yourself do you want to quit now? Do you feel just because it's been hard work so far that it should become easy all of a sudden, because you wish it so? You want to dedicate time to something else not just this hard relationship all the time. But think about it this way, Marcelino and your love is a like a garden, if you ignore it and go searching for greener pastures then naturally you are back to the beginning because you let the weeds grow into a jungle. Long-term is scary, only you know in your heart whether it is Marcelino that you yearn to be with. Your practicalities, other view points and body might disagree but the heart/intuition always knows the way, if you listen and choose to focus.

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