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Hi Moriah London& have a blessed week,
My name is Rachel, female. My DOB: 2nd,January, 1985, 10:00 AM,
Israel, Tel Aviv.
I've studied about 2 years ago fashion design here in my country,
Israel and have attened about a month ago a fashion showcase in London, UK. I recieved some very good reviews for my work and i did meet some people from the local industry and there are some
positive developpments in store.
I would like to know what you predict in the future regarding this profession?
what i would like the most is make a living out of fashion design which is difficult here in Israel, do you think i should move outside of Israel in order to establish myself as a designer?
Thank you for your help,

I can tell that you feel an emotional attachment for fashion design because I got cards that were the suit of cups for cards that represent the current situation regarding you and fashion design. The cards show that you've done a lot of work to make your dreams a reality. That matches with what you said about studying and attending a show. The cards show that this is a big dream that you possess but that you need to move forward with it to make it a reality, even if it means leaving some things behind.

You feel safe and secure where you are. However, you're going to need to take risks and make changes to make your goal come true. The cards say you need to study roe such as continuing on with school/your studies and attending workshops. The cards also say that you will benefit from networking and meeting/working with other people.

The cards say that in the future you will become competitive with others in your field and ti will drain your energy. You need to only focus on yourself and your own success. Worrying about others will only get in your way.

Given this reading, I think that you stand a chance of success in this field if you continue with the enthusiasm and willingness you've shown so far. If you thinking moving somewhere else will help you with this, you should move.

Here are the cards I choose:

Ten of Cups
Seven of Cups
Three of Swords

Two of Cups
Four of Swords

The Hermit
Knight of Wands
Four of Pentacles

Eight of Wands
Nine of Pentacles
Five of Wands

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