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name Marcy dob 11 16 1987. age 25. other person asking name Memo July 7 1988. age 24.

Hello. I have been thinking about this person, who I was friends with for a long time, since High School, and we have not talked for a year now, I think he has been very busy, and I believe he hates me, and does not wish to be my friend anymore, because of my Pagan beleifs. I don't think he cares about me anymore, but has helped me before. Why is he acting this way towards me?

Dear Marcy,

    It is interesting that you brought up your pagan ideas as a possible reason why Memo may not be speaking to you at this time.  You are quite firm and even a tad stubborn as it pertains to your beliefs, and it appears that you may have attempted to "convert" Memo, which made him upset because he values heavily his independence and doesn't want to be overpowered in an argument.  You have the gift of debate and could easily win any verbal spar, but you must learn to carefully pick your battles, my dear Marcy.  If you refuse to do so, you could wind up winning the fight, but losing the war.

    I do see that you will need to be the one to bridge the gap.  He will be a bit stubborn at first, but be persistent (although, not too pushy.)  Maybe, once a week or so, send him a text or an email with an innocent statement such as "how are you," or,"I haven't seen you in awhile, how have you been?"  Do this a few times and I see that it will restore the friendship.  Interestingly, I see romance for the two of you.  An earthy romance that could possibly end in a new marital generation.  He's on your mind for a reason, Marcy.  Let's see where this goes.

Thank you for allowing me to assist you Marcy.  All the best to you!

Love & Light,
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