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QUESTION: I met this guy a few months back. We started talking and spending time together and things took off pretty quickly. Outer the blue he stopped talking to me. I let it go as much as it hurt. He contacted me about 2 weeks later sending me a picture from our first date and asking to talk to me. He said there were feelings for me but he didn't know how to handle it as he is moving home in the spring. But he still really wanted to spend time with me. Iwas and still am afraid/skeptical. The more time we spend together the more comfortable we get and the more my feelings grow. We are very affectionate with eachother we talk everyday. When we are together it feels like we're together though we aren't. We seem to be at an empasse and I'm not sure how to proceed. Should i hang in there as the move is a few months away since anything could happen? or should i do myself a favor now and let him go?

ANSWER: darling Marisa, as mentioned on my profile (if you read it?) I'd need his first name and birth year. Do take the time to read my profile, to see what information I need from you to give you the best possible free reading. And you can always contact me in private if you're hesitant to put his details in public.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Oh my i thought i posted it. His name is is Emilio born 1991. :)

:) No worries Marisa, I felt this was the case (I normally reject the question these days, but I replied yours..)

Emilio is really feeling the weight of this decision upon himself, he's struggling with the decision so that's why he came back to you for reassurance. Yet he feels almost determined to be with you despite this strain, but he feels trapped at the same time. It's complicated with Emilio. And this complication has been shared with you Marisa, so you feel very anxious, like you have sleepless nights with this thing between both of you. You both feel safe and secure with each other (this is very rare) - personally :) I feel you should hold onto each other, nothing feels written in stone... but it's like you were destined to meet, and there's still so much to come in each other's lives. But the decision rests with you alone Marisa.  

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