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This is a question about a relationship that ended 5 years ago so I dont know if you can answer this for me or not. I would appreciate of you try If you cant I understand. the number for the shuffle is 6.

my age is 47 & his name Martin his age is 40.
I moved and we were living in different countries so we broke up there was no point us trying to be togther I couldnt go back & he wanted to stay there. I found out recently from someone we both know he has moved much closer to where I live. I would like to see him to know how he is and to talk to him again because there was a lot of love between us and I still have feelings for him. I would like to know what the result would be if I contact him.

I pulled three cards for you to try to give you a possible overview for your situation. The first one was the Ace of Cups. This card means that everything in the romance department goes along better than expected. The second card was the Two of Wands. The card represents what happens when two people concur on something that's been thought about for a long time. The third card was the Ten of Cups. This card represents that the focus is on true love and commitment. It may occur to you that he's the one you want to be with.

Based off of these cards, I think it's worth you looking into. The worst thing that could happen is that he's not interested. But if he is and neither of you says anything, it could be a missed opportunity.

Hope this helps.  

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