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Hi Vicky, I've been a little indecisive about my relationship of nearly 2yrs, but think I have made a decision to try and stick with him. Please tell me if we should stay together or if there will be continuous problems in the relationship and we should end it? I am also fearful that i will not meet anyone new that loves me the way i am. And what is making things most complicated is neither of us have children and we both very much want to be parents. Please share with me whatever you are feeling for us and our future. Thank you for your help!

Hello Sophia,
         I think you have made a wise decision to stick with your realtionship, and try to work things out. It shows you really care about him, and want things to work. It is so easy to just give up. You have alot of issues to clear up, so hang in there. You can always try adoption or fostering children who need a second chance, if you can not have children of your own.  This may be an option you wish to consider.  I have drawn 3 cards for your reading.

Faith- Have faith in yourself, and your feelings, as well as the one you love. If you attend church or belong to any religious order, you may want to consult with the head of that organization. For Spiritual guidance. If you haven't been spending much time in each other's company, you may want to do that now, and keep the lines of communication open between the two of you at all times. Be sure to also spend serious time with yourself, and look within to find answers as well.  

Knight of Coins- Your partner also wants your relationship to work out, but doesn't know how to proceed in the matter.  He will need your guidance in this respect. Start at ground level, and move forward.  Make sure you both understand what the other wants out of the relationship before going on to the next phase. Write down a list of wants and needs, likes, and dislikes, pros and cons, and come to a reasonable agreement. This is going to take some work on both of your parts, and you will have to make this clear, as you can not do all of this alone.

The Tower- This shows that many things need to be cleared out, or tossed out altogether. It won't be easy to let go of some things. A rough time may be ahead, but if you stick with it, once things get settled upon, then it will be behind you, and you can start your relationship fresh again. And you will find your bonds to each other will be much stronger. The real answer is if you are both willing to go the distance.  If not, it won't get any better.

I feel, it would be foolish on your part, to throw away a 2-year relationship without trying one last time, and hoping you find someone else.  That's like jumping from the frying pan into the fire.  If a man can not love you for what you are, or who you are, they are not worth knowing or keeping.

Best Wishes,

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