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Hi, my name's Katie and I'm from Singapore.  My birthday is March 9, 1992 and I was born in Rangoon, Burma.  I'm 5' tall. I have shoulder-length black hair and brown eyes with long eyelashes. I'm currently single, or to be more exact, have been single for my whole life. So I have this burning desire to meet someone soon. I'm just wondering if you knew what my future husband would look like and the kind of person he would be.

Hi Katie,

I just wrote a blog post that addresses this topic: http://howisyourlovelife.com/blog/soul-mate-q-a-am-i-on-the-right-path-to-meet-m

You are still very young and have plenty of time to meet compatible men and decide if any of them are someone you want to become involved with. No need to rush. I don't recommend looking for a husband at such a young age since people change so much in their 20s and 30s. Just date and have fun for now. This will allow you to get to know yourself better and what works and doesn't work for you in a relationship.

As I say in the linked blog post above, I don't always like to give physical descriptions of future partners because then it's easy to drive yourself crazy looking for him and you may miss others you are meant to date and learn from. Don't worry, you will not miss the important connections.

Please check out my free e-book which has tips that may help: http://www.moregooddates.com.  

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I've been doing readings professionally since 1996.

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