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Hi Cherie, I am female born 13th April 1984 and I have feelings for a friend, Ming, a male born 5th October 1981. He has been hot and cold to me for sometime now, and I wonder if it is worth all the confusion. I wonder what is going on with him and what I most need to learn from this relationship, and if I should continue to try to be close to him, or just let go. If I have asked too many questions just pick one which you sense is most pertinent and answer that. Thank you


Thank you for choosing me to read your cards. I asked the cards what you need to know about Ming should the relationship continue on its path. These are the cards I drew.

Queen of Wands(R), 5Pentacles, Ace of Wands, and The Tower.

The Queen is Ming's Recen past. This card indicates a destructive or manipulative woman who was domineering and may have been a jealous rival or former girlfriend.

5Pentacles indicates a financial loss due to a partner or a spouse. This may be from a divorce or a betrayel. Possibly even child support. I am fairly sure this is money going towards a former girlfriend or spouse.

The Ace of Wands and The Tower show a exciting change or a disruption. This tells me that things between you and ming will conclude for the better and in a healthy and necessary way.

The dominant number of five says conflict and chaos. This tells me that Ming may be a little distracted or stressed right now.

I hope I helped and I look forward to your feedback.


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