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Hello betty,
Thank you in advance tor taking time to help
me.My husband Robert is trying to et close again
After a few yrs being in another relationship.
I wonder  its ok now to give it a second chance and how things
Will develop.
Me-please put ana instead of myreal name-april 11,1973
Robert august 22,1969
Jessica-the other woman-august 1,1974

Well i did numerology, and Jessica and Robert are a better match, they become 4 which is a very strong stable number hard to break, also they probably have communication issues.

You and Robert are 9 a little bit more analytical, and also communication and control issues.

im proceeding to do a relationship spread 1st . Jessica and Robert

the cards showed that they are not talking to each other at this moment, there is a healing process in the past, probably from previous marriage, in the future they have some kind of codependency, they do things together, people see them as a strong marriage, let me tell you, they have no obstacles to be happy in the near future, the only thing they have to watch is the way how the over spend money

You and Robert...
the cards showed that there are still feelings in between you two, some one made a change fast in the past, you have learned a lesson, this get together is more financially beneficial for him then for you, this situation may bring depression  and self esteem issues, not such a great idea to get back together.

you question was...  I wonder  its ok now to give it a second chance and how things
Will develop.

After this two spreads the cards are not so nice on your side, it will be a painful risk to take, make the best decision you can

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