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Hi Marie, im starting to get a little disappointed because my last couple questions ive asked the experts have gone straight to the quedtion pool so im hoping you can help me. My birthdate is Jan. 11 1983 and im in almost 2 yr relationship with Marcelino born Dec.25 1979. It been very difficult because he is a spanish speaker and i speak english. But for the most part i have tried to overlook thiis because he has a very good heart. The past readings i have gotten have predicted that this relationship will end. And i often think about breaking up with him, but am very scared that there may not be anyone else for me and i want to have children very badly and am about to be 30yrs next week. My question for you is if this is the man im mesnt to have my first child with? And if not do you see anything regarding anyone new coming for solid love and possible children? I really want to make the right decision for everyone and for the proper reasons. Thank you kindly for reading this and your time and consideration.

Hi there, I got the page of swords on your question. Either new information is coming your way on the situation-meaning you may find someone else, or you may find more information to use on making a better decsion for yourself. I personally don't think you should allow yourself and your possible children to be conceived in fear. That's not a good basis for any action because it will never turn out right. You have to be at peace with yourself when you make any decisions. I also don't see this happening for you. It's just not a good idea. I hope I helped a bit. Thanks for your question.

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Hi everybody-I will answer any type of every day question-love,money,etc.,but can only give the timing of events in proximations. I use the Rider-Waite deck for confirmation of the information received, but I basically read intuitively. I've had advanced tarot card training, along with three years of offering accurate readings to people who write in with questions here at AllExperts.


I have taken beginner and advanced tarot courses. People who I have already read for say that I am a very good reader, and can pick up a lot of details from just a few cards. My ratings and feedbacks from querents are also a testement to my abilities.

I have taken beginner and advanced tarot courses at the local community college and new age shops in my locality.

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