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Hey Betty,

My name is Antoinette and I'm born on October 9, 1983.  My old best friend's name is Espie and she is born on August 2, 1983 and my other old friend's name is Maria and she is born on April 24, 1983.  I have gotten into an argument with Espie over a year ago and haven't spoken to her since then.  Because Maria is brainwashed by Espie she got involved in the fight and took Espie's side.  Do Espie and Maria miss my friendship or is that the end of it?  Do they plan on talking to me sometime or think about me?

Thank you.

Hello, this is a very interesting numerology between the three of you, each of you have number 4 as a destiny number, 4 its characterized to be , very stubborn, organized, and not very good communicators, if i add the 3 destiny numbers equals 3, a number that enjoys freedom and party with no commitment. I will say that two of you are BFF´s, and the other one is left behind, which it seems is your case, Espie is  woman with a personality  who is not sure of what she wants, she lets people decide for her, Mari is like a mother in the good aspects and bad aspects, and you are more practical, you enjoy time alone to a certain point. This is the numerology, now im going to ask the cards if they miss you..
the cards showed that there are feelings towards you, in the past you guys were very stable with a possible lack of communication, in the future shows that its time to cut off the BS, if you want peace with this friendship you must tell them how you feel, you are a very very smart woman and you will know what to say to them, if they tell you they missed you, awesome, be friends again knowing and accepting each other as they are, if they show no emotions and dont care for you move on.., meet new people


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