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My boyfriend (Andrew, born Sept.20, 1989 in Australia) and I (born August 2, 1982 in Mumbai, India) have been together for over a year now, although he has lived in Perth for a few months now and I still live in Adelaide.  He's going to try to move back to Adelaide after finishing his degree in 1.5 yeas, and I was just wondering what you see in the future for our relationship?  Thank you for your time!

The Tarot card drawn for your question is the Four of Roses

Related Words: Celebrations, Happy, Important date, Ceremony, Surprise, Thrilled, Excited to bits :)

Future feels heart-warmingly beautiful, rosey, a long and happy marriage with respect given to each other in equal measure. Just be patient and don't try to push for a marriage before each of you is actually ready.

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