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Did cc spread would appreciate thoughts / interpretation question re relationship stay with current go back ex or neither!! Birthday is 8/2/81
Ace of cups
8 of swords
4 of wands
Queen of wands
5 of cups
5 of swords
4 of swords
Ace of pentacles

im assuming you placed an star sign card for this spread? correct??

if so.. the spread reads as follows...your question is very busy, the answer you are going to get its going to be what the cards pick up when you where holding them  alot of emotions involved, you created the situation you are in, recently there is been  unexpected tragedies or changes they happened fast!, they also read that the guy you been with in the past is with you, there is joy and happiness, people believe you are a smart intelligent and very creative woman, on your mind you feel abandoned, you need to open you eyes and see that not all is lost, there is hope if you choose to see it , your friends are not so nice you feel like you have to watch your back, in your house, inside your house any house matters nothing is happening is dead no life, your heart is lonely, going through a learning stage in your life, you kind enjoy it, time for your self,recently you been or you will  rewarded with money, money you did not work for it,


sorry it took me this long to answer your question!!

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I can answer questions about career, finance, relationships love and business, health, future outcome and advice, there are different spreads wich are more detailed and precised, so depending on your question i will spread the Tarot cards to get as much details as possible. I also like to use Numerology. I do not answer vague questions, or when would i meet my true love or soulmate, or how would they look like. One question per seeker on one subject. You most be straight forward to get a straight answer. Include bith date (dd/mm/yyyy)and full name of the persons involved , i look forward in assisting you!!


I have been study the Metaphysical and Healing Arts since 1998, I also started studying Numerology and Tarot 5 years ago, working with friends and family mostly. Never went commercial or took payment for my work I feel now that I am ready to do so but would like first to share my knowledge with people who cant afford a reading.

I do not belong to any organization but to the human being

High school University Healing Arts Institute of Massage therapy Metaphysical (Col. USA) Tarot and Numerology from one of the bet experts on this site

Past/Present Clients
cant offer information about all the people I have helped in the past as I was not giving reads commercially. It is my hope that my work here will become the way for me to collect some testimonials about it while helping others.

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