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My husband is making efforts to come back after he has been with another lady for a while.He is very lucky cause I was not in a new affair when he knocked again and still have feeling for him.
I am happy he is coming back.
The point is I am very frightened of taking the wrong path cause I am about to get into my 40's and still have no kids.
Do you suggest to give him a 2nd chance or walk away and start anew?  
I am even thinking about a Country move in case does not work.

Thank you so much in advance

If you can keep real DOBs private I would appreciate.

anna april 11th,1973
Bob  august 22nd 1969
the lady
august 1st,1974

"Anna" I read your question and I hope you don't mind my pulling it from the question pool. As a small tip, if you would like to set your question to "private" you can check the box marking it so when you fill out the question application. No one besides the experts will see your name or your questions.

I wanted to let you know I drew The chariot, 3Cups, and the King of Wands.

The chariot says you recently celebrated a small victory over a challenge.

The 3 says you need to take time to love your friends, and celebrate your happiness. You have good things comming soon.

King of wands is your husband and it shows he is strict but manipulative. He is a man with a difficult or troubled path.

You have a dominant number of 3 which tells me you are a nurturing person.

I would personally advise against reconciling with this man. If the cards are true I wouldn't think he is a healthy choice and you seem to have a very bright path. There just doesn't seem to be a good reason to invite stress.

I hope I helped


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