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I wonder if I Will ever fine mr right in my Life.
My dob is aprili 11,1973
Thank you

I picked up your question from the question pool. For whatever reason the person you asked questions of has put your question in the pool and when this happens other experts may take your question to answer for them. I am Cherie and I hope you don't mind my helping instead.

I asked the tarot about your Mr. Right and these are the cards I drew- 8Swords(R), Prince of Pentacles(R), and Princess of Pentacles.

Out of these cards I see that you are recently broken free of a limitation or restrictions or are just about to. I see that lately you have had trouble getting motivated. Maybe your health has had some trouble and this is why. I see in your future a hard worker. This person is a student or an apprentice. This person will bring good news to your family and there will possibly be a small sum of cash in the future with them.

The cards also say you are moving towards this person on your path and they have power. They are or will be someone important in your life. So many court cards indicates you have too many people involved in your personal life. Too many influences. This may be a time to tell them you need your space. The pentacles indicate there is money comming.

I hope I helped

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I can read cards about money, love, buisiness and things of that nature. I DO NOT read on medical questions or pregnant questions (will the baby be a boy? When will I concieve? Those questions) I DO NOT answer any questions about deceased individuals.I DO NOT answer questions related to OTHER PEOPLE either. Ask about YOU and YOUR spouse , or job, or relationship. I will send these sorts of questions to the pool. I can help answer questions for people who are trying to learn to read tarot cards and also I can help people get started with reading tarot for others. To read effectively I will need your first name, birthdate, and location.


I have read cards since I was 12 years old for family and friends. I was taught to read cards by my mother who was taught by her mother. I have read cards for small social events and have also read cards online. I have received very happy reviews from other people I have read for. I have been reading cards for 15 years as I am 28. I was raised around tarot cards and am going to teach my children as well if they are intrested. I can also read runes but I like cards better

Aeclectic.com, I have read for a lot of people on aeclectic and have plenty of friends there including a mentor and friend who works for Keen.

AllExperts.com and LunasGrimoire.com

I have generations of tarot readers and am a third generation reader. my family hands this skill down from parent to child thanks to my grandmother who started this tradition when she taught my mom and aunts and unclež

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