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Hi Im Lina Grace Im from Philippines my date of birth 10/30/89 i have black brown long  hair, dark brown eyes, fair skin, average body, 5'5 height. i would like to know if i would successfully talk and see my spirit guides/or angels soon? and what can you advice for me  to make it happen? thanks dear

Hi Lina

When, if and how you work with your spirit guides (or angels) is entirely  up to you. You can start right here, right now if you so choose. Basically, all you have to do is love, trust, and listen.

As I understand it, the door of communication doesn't open or close  on their side...it opens or closes on ours. They are  ready and waiting to work with you, whenever your are ready to work with them.

In my experience, there are a few things that can help make the process easier. I think they are very  important steps, but that is for you to judge.

1. Set your intent to Love, Light, Respect - and only that.
2. Learn to listen to your INNER sense
3. Learn the language

It is important to realize that YOU are in control. Some people, because of religious upbringing, are worried that working with spirit guides might open them up to demons, or evil spirits. In all fairness, some people do have experiences like that, but you CAN be safe and loved while working with spirit. True guides are kind and helpful - it is their nature. I believe  the energies that we call "spirit guides" are a normal, natural part of  the universe and how it works. We draw the lessons we need from the cosmic wholeness. The lessons are drawn out in a form we can best understand and accept, be that angels, spirit guides or what have you.  If you set your intention to have a loving, learning, supportive relationship with your guides, that is how you will interact. You will know your 'real' guides when you sense  that love and support. Anything fearful, angry or judgmental can be prevented or sent away.

Some say that guides and angels are neither good nor bad...in other words, spirit and nature just mirror what we project on to them. It helps to think of your relationship with your spirit guides as a mirror. If you approach it with fear, anger, or some self-serving agenda...that is what you will get in return. If you approach with love and support, that will be reflected back to you instead.

I like the example my teacher, Joy Star, uses: Imaging your house at  night, with the lights on. If you open the door, the light spills out, the  darkness never spills in. The same is true with spirit guides  (or angels, or magic, or tarot or whatever spiritual or religious words  you want to use). If you keep your mind and heart on  love and feel yourself filled with light...the light will go out, and  darkness will not get in. Your light will shine, and touch the world around you in a positive way.

So the first step in connecting with your spirit guides is to set your  intent. HOW you do that is up to you. Meditate, THINK your intent, FEEL it in your heart and PROJECT the intent mentally to universe. You might want to create a small ritual for yourself like symbolically lighting a candle. Write it in a journal or diary. Speak it like a prayer or write a poem about it. However you do it, make a sacred vow to yourself and to them that you want your  interactions to only be of love, and for the very highest and best intent.

The second step is learning to listen to your INNER senses. You won't  literally see or hear anything. If there are images, they will be in your  mind's eye, like imagination. You won't actually hear anything, but  may have words or a voice come to mind, almost like a memory. Some  people just sense things directly like that. Other people use tools  like pendulums, tarot, automatic writing or what have you. Once you get a sense of how it works  best for you, send that intent to your guides, the same way that you mentally set your intent before. That will open the door of  communication a little wider, Let them know how to best communicate with you. As you learn to listen to your inner senses,  you will learn to trust those inner senses and know what is "spirit guide" and what is your own "imagination".

Third learn the language of spirit - symbolism and coincidence. After a time you might build a symbol vocabulary that  becomes more consistent. A good example is from the TV  work of medium John Edward - when spirit shows him pink roses, it is a  symbol of love (not red roses as is the tradition). Pay attention to  coincidences - songs on the radio, colors or numbers that grab your  attention, anything. If it seems or feels meaningful to you, it IS. The challenge is to find the meaning behind it, but the more deliberately  you listen and practice, the easier it will be...just like getting to know a  new friend in physical life.

There are no hard and fast rules about this. There may be some trial and error. In the end, there are no mistakes, just learning and loving. It is something internal and just for you, your heart, your spirit and your relationship with the world around you.

Above all, love, trust, listen to your own heart.

To learn more about working with spirit guides, I recommend the book "How to work with spirit guides" by Ted Andrews, which may still be available on www.amazon.com.  I am writing a book about learning to listen to your inner senses, so please watch amazon for "Modern Oracle: Intuition for the 21st Century"

Thank you for this excellent question! I hope this helps a bit. With your permission, I'd like to share this answer with my blog readers (not your name or any personal information, of course!)

Best Wishes

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