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QUESTION: Hi Tarot Wings,

I've been putting in a lot of hours and effort into my present job for the past couple of years. But I feel that I haven't been getting the recognition that I deserve from my boss.

Do you see a promotion to the next job grade coming my way anytime soon?  I'd appreciate any insight you're able to share with me about my career prospects with this company.

Thanks for your time in reading for me.

ANSWER: Hi Lilian,

Your question was: Do you see a promotion to the next job grade coming my way anytime soon?

I pulled a card and I'm getting that you will receive a message most likely being a positive one! I definitely get the sense that there's a promotion coming to you and if not, then at least a much better job opportunity. Overall the impression I get is that there is something coming your way. either a job promotion or another job opportunity. either way it will be changes for the better! :)

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QUESTION: Hi Tarot Wings,

Thanks so much for extremely fast response to my reading request. I do hope your predictions come true. May I know what was the card you pulled in my reading?

Can I also have your email please? I've questions about your paid readings that I need your help with prior to making a purchase.


Hi Lilian :)

Sorry for not being clear! The oracle deck I used was WISDOM OF THE HOUSE OF NIGHT BY COLETTE BARON REID and the card I drew was MESSAGE :)

Thank you for showing interest in purchasing a reading :) My email is tarotwings24@gmail.com. However you can also go to https://www.etsy.com/shop/TarotWings and check the decriptions for the readings I offer there.

I hope this helps!

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Hello everyone! :) I would like to offer a ONE card oracle card reading on most topic including love, family/pets, job, business, finances, spirituality, past lives etc. All I need from you is your name and the names of the people involved.


I have read for many of my friends and family for 5 years and started reading for other people about 2 years ago.

Please check out my facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/TarotWings24 To purchase full readings from me please go to: https://www.etsy.com/shop/TarotWings OR http://tarotwings24.storenvy.com

I have no Educational Credentials in this field however,I studied and worked on perfecting my skills and intuition as a reader independently on my own free time and still learning everyday!

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