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i had a pretty rough life and still is my date of birth 6/13/60  i am a female susan. i recently ihad a cornea transplant and i can t work. my vision is legally blind. money is tight i live with my boy friend and sister. my got layed off he does odd jobs to pay the rent and so on. my sistet does not work. she has a zillion excuses why she can t work . well she is mentally ill. this arrangement is really not good she hates him and she she has outburts i just want peace.will she leave?  i mean meet someone and fall on love or get commited?  will things ever improve for me?


Thank you for your question, here is your answer:

According to what I am getting, your challenge is shown as the Five of Wands saying that in your environment there are a lot of hassles and people in your place of residence are getting on each others nerves.  The environment is getting you down and that you would just like to have everything be good.  

For your near future I am seeing that there is going to be some peaceful times ahead for you and your sister and boyfriend, but that looks to last for a few months, and then shortly after I am seeing that you will experience a very negative upheaval with someone you know who you live with and I feel that will be the end of the negative circumstances.  I feel it may involve your sister making you feel back-stabbed or upset, and then I see you will not have to deal with her for a while.  

I know this has been a hard life for you, but what you can do in the meantime is keep tight to your faith because I drew the Fool card indicating stay optimistic no matter how hard things seem to be at the moment.  

I hope this helps.

God Bless,

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