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Tarot Wings,
Early in the week, I wrote to you to ask you a question, but if you answered it, I never received it because my mail provider was having problems and my e-mail was not delivered.  

If you answered it, will you please send me your reply again.

My question was about stray white cat I took to the animal shelter, and I want to know if he has been adopted.

Thank you again
1 January 1975

Hello Anne!

Ahh yes! I do remember answering this question! here is the copy. :)

Hi Anne!

Aww thats so thoughtful of you to pick up a stray cat. Not many people out there would do that! God bless you!

I pulled a card for you and I get the impression that he was not adopted yet. However I get the sense that he is more relaxed than when you last saw him. For some reason I also get the feeling he is being trained somehow (perhaps there's a certain behavior he does that limit his chances of being adopted?) but he is learning to control whatever that might be. So overall, I don't think he was adopted yet but he is definitely more relaxed and comfortable where he is now. :)

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