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Hi.I was wondering if I could have a general tarot reading. Your spread choice. Please and thanks in advance. dob nov. 5 1989

Hi Simona

I used 3 shuffles and my basic "modern oracle" spread.

General pattern: Mostly minor arcana cards, balanced well among the suites, only one major arcana. Things are likely to be even-keeled, but not so much as to be boring or 'stuck'. Very calm feeling about it all. If things don't feel that way to you now, perhaps they will head in that direction soon. Feels like a very solid, good period of time now and around now.

Lessons from the past: 5 of swords - misjudgement. Has there been anything in the past that feels like a huge mistake to you, but it's turned out to be no big deal to others. There is a feeling that if not acknowledged, other people might hold on to hurt feelings, or even a small grudge...but if you say a quick I'm sorry, a minor 'mea culpa' will fix everything. Don't be afraid of mistakes, learn from them. Here you may learn who you can trust to forgive you...this may show a bit who is a real friend / really cares. Does that make any sense? If there is advice here, it is just to own up to mistakes, especially minor ones. It smooths the way for forgiveness if and when big mistakes happen.

Where you are now: Temperence. This is all about moderation, and most of all balance. It reminds me a little of the test pilots in the movie "the right stuff"...you have to push the limits to learn where the limits are, but just as important as "pushing the edges of the envelope" is knowing when, where and how to "haul them back in again". It is ok to explore the edges, but not to test limits so willy-nilly that you fall over the edges. Explore, but don't be reckless. Is there some bit of that - recklessness or limit testing, or some 'too far' thing that may be causing you some stress? Again, a sincere 'I'm sorry" may mend lots of fences. If that isn't the case, this may be a heads-up, a clue to take care with someone, be more gentle and balanced than usual to avoid any going over the top kind of problems.

Next step forward: Page of cups. The best way to move forward (mistakes or none) is to let go of the past. Keep the good memories - they are yours forever - but let go of the things that worry or eat at you. Let go of your mistakes...forgive yourself and let go. Forgive others, and let go. You don't have to 'forget'. You shouldn't. Let go, but don't forget - to do things differently next time.

Advice: 7 of coins - a generous spirit, unspiteful....this card simply underlines the advice of the page of cups...kind of like a yellow highlighter over the message of the last three cards without adding much new.

Alternate: 7 of swords. Swords have to do with our larger-circle relationships, how we deal with authority, with society at large. This card can have to do with either feeling lost OR being lost as society defines it...unconventional. For you it feels like more of the second one. Have there been times where you either have been very counter-culture...or needed to be MORE unconventional? This card is about finding a balance between going your own way, expressing your individuality (which is a good and necessary thing) and playing by the rules, compromise, dealing with people on their terms. It is an important balance for finding your way in the world when you are very much in the minority OR a bit much of a people-pleaser. If you are a people pleaser - you might want to get in touch with your inner goth-girl (as an example - that isn't literal. Whatever you like that is a little out of the ordinary). Or if you are are all indie, all the time, you might want to find a way to get along with convention...here is another example...the feeling here is kind of like getting a tattoo, but putting it on a place that's covered when you have to go to work. Ink that's covered by a business casual outfit is the example that comes to mind. Being careful of the image you project by how you dress comes to mind...especially at work. I'm not sure why that is coming through, but I leave it all for you to decide if it fits or not.

For the open part, grey and black come to mind...not in any evil, or occult way. More in a protective way. Black is the color of protection to ward of negative energy...that's why we associate the color with witches, not because they are bad, but because it protected them from all the negative vibes the "good" people were heaping on them. There is also a sense of smoke, or ink...like ink in water. Art comes to mind. Are you an artist at all, like a painter, pen and ink, or photographer? That's a positive counter culture...and a cool one. The word "Bohemian" comes to mind for some reason. "Hipster" and "Village" isn't far behind.

And there the energy steps back. I leave it for you to decide if any of this makes sense or applies at all.

Best wishes and happy holidays

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