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Hi there,
First off, thank you so much for providing this service to my distraught self and so many others. My DOB is February 20, 1984. I'm beyond head over heels for a man I've been involved with for 2 years. I am desperate to know if he's being honest about his intentions to move forward with our relationship and live with me in the next few wks. Any guidance is very appreciated. Thank you.


Thank you for your question, here is your answer:

I am seeing that he has trouble actually being serious and that he is not being completely honest with you about everything.  I am seeing something about him having to do with dishonesty.  I am seeing that in the next few weeks, the relationship looks have some lack of structure or direction to it, and also seems to have a very up and down quality which I feel will cause you some problems emotionally.  

I'm seeing that you should not take a chance with him, because the attempt you make to have something work will end up causing you deep sadness.  This is not what you want to hear, but is what I am seeing for you and him.

I hope this helps.

God Bless,

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I can answer questions about your love/personal life, family life, education, work, finances and your spiritual journey. If I get "feelings" or I start "sensing" things about you or your question, I will let you know. I cannot answer questions about past lives and reincarnation or medically related questions because I do not feel comfortable with those. I will need your first name and date of birth. For more readings please go to my website at www.StellarTarot.com and click the Purchase a Reading link. One question per person. I will reject any additional/followup questions.


I have been doing tarot for 16 years and do it for friends, family and sometimes for strangers who want a reading. People say my predictions come true, but I like to think that my readings give good sound advice as opposed to inevitable predictions. I feel its more enlightening to give some interesting insight or a different perspective to your issues. My readings do not always give predictions, however, because sometimes a little advice as well as empowerment is more important to your situation than knowing the future.

This field does not require educational credentials, I am good at tarot that is all need be known.

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