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date of birth: june 26,1986
hello, i am working as engineer for last 3 years but i am not happy with my job,want to change my job to get better salary and peace of mind,but not getting any chance. Can you please tell me when i will get a better earning job which can satisfy me, i am totally lost. Please show me the right path.

Hello Rita, and thank you for contacting me.

It's no wonder you feel the way you do. You might not even be in the correct field of work. You are a Master number. Which means, you lived all your lifetimes and came back for a specific spiritual purpose. Master 11 is to discover spiritual truths so they may inspire and bring joy to others by sharing their knowledge. This destiny is carried by "old souls" with a deep spiritual connection to the workings of the universe. is meant to work for the good of all of us, and to transform the lives of others for the better. With intense sense of justice, could become an activist, fighting for an enlightened cause, or a leader in public and civic affairs, working for the public good. is inspired and often impatient with slow, incremental change. wants "heaven on earth" right NOW. could become a destructive rebel if allows to be driven by emotions. brings an inspired quality to any work does. Surprising, unusual elements emerge in creative projects; makes people think and see things in a new way. may have pronounced psychic or intuitive abilities, or an interest in those areas which are beyond the rational and the known. There is no lesson for you as this life is based upon a Spiritual purpose.

I see a passionate friend, someone who is very inspiring. They might be in your life now, but they will help to guide you in the correct way. I see a new job coming around the Summer. Which will make you feel very happy and successful.

I hope I have helped!


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