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Hi Vadella,

I feel like I have made a huge wrong turn in my career. I feel stuck and completely burnt out. I am so ready for change and want to drop what I'm doing and look for something else, but I'm afraid that I'm going to make another huge or even worse mistake. Do you see any positive changes happening in the near future with my job/career?

Thanks so much,

Hello W, and Thank You for Contacting me.

I see you are very confused when it comes to what to do. There are a lot of things circling around in your head. You feel trapped in your career. Unable to move. Unable to make a decision. The fact of the matter is, YOU put yourself in this state of mind, where you feel stuck. You will remain here, until you can see it from a different perspective. Then I see you making the changes you need to make. I see communication.... you will be opening up to someone you work with who seems to be unemotional, has a cold type of stance. Things will then change swiftly for you. I see you making the decision to leave this job. It will be your heart that tells you too.You will be filled with anxiety during this time, but you will find a different type of job starting out doing something you aren't familiar with, after some time, you will learn it quickly.


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