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QUESTION: My name is Hafeeza Shakir and I am newly single and was born in July 1981. I just got out of an on again off again relationship wiht my ex of 10 years, his name is Frank Early and was born October 1970. I want to ask, what does my future love life look like? I am not sure if my ex is the one or if we are completely done and someone new will come into my life.

ANSWER: Please clarify which ONE question you would like answered freely 1. your love life 2. your ex. Note, that I only draw ONE tarot card as stated in my profile :)

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QUESTION: I am more interested in getting the answer to my love life.

Tarot card drawn for you is Ten of Gems

It feels like you will be in a long-term (lasting) relationship in the future where you both will have a strong foundation. You won't have any materialist problems when you're together, safe and secure in that aspect. It will be an equal exchange of energy - as you be able to tell each other how much you mean to each other - I don't want to say anything, but I feel (but I can't tell whether I feel this strongly yet as it's a brief reading) he'll be coming into your life very soon (how soon, I'm not sure) is he wealthy? (I'm not sure of the details) but the future love that I'm feeling is true love.

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