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i would like a insight into the future of my relationship will my  ex mistress  deepika kaur, will she  meet me now n then, in the same intimate manner, return my money , her  DOB; 18/01 /1982,  TIME; 20/50 PM,  PLACE;  NEW DELHI / INDIA..........  MY  DOB; 18/03/1954, TIME 05/05 AM,  PLACE;  DELHI / INDIA

Dear Jasjeet

Sorry for the delay in replying, I have been very unwell for a few days, I hope you understand. Thank you for writing to me Jasjeet. My name is Christy.

I have pulled some cards for you regarding your relationship with Deepika and here is what I found.

2 of Cups reversed, 9 of Pentacles, 8 of Cups

I pulled the Two of Cups reversed.  Upright- this is the Minor Arcana version of the Lovers- and it's a very clear indicator of a romantic relationship or partnership.  

When the 2 of Cups is reversed,- it shows the energy with Deepika is blocked for one reason or another. I feel this lady had an interest in your money, business sense and skills- for a business of her own.  The cards are showing me deception in her aura.

I pulled a card to get some clarity here and got the Nine of Pentacles. What this suggests is that one or both of you are likely to be very independent- and this nature may make it difficult to compromise and fully delve into a relationship or partnership with each other.

Jasjeet, The 8 of Cups shows a person walking away from 8 Cups.  This would probably indicate that Deepika has made a decision to leave the relationship to persue other goals in her life that she felt she had to follow.

Taking all the cards into account Jasjeet, the cards are saying that your relationship has come apart, which is overclouded with dishonesty.

The message is quite clear cut that this lady has made a decision to walk away to persue something else: I feel this is her own business venture -perhaps which she used your money to build.

There is a strong interest around money.  From the cards standpoint this lady wont be changing her mind in the distant future.

Once again thank you for writing, I hope this has helped. Thank you for using AllExperts.Com.


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