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QUESTION: Hiya donna, would you be able to try and let me know if my doubts are substantially correct where my partnership is concerned? I dont want to waste time doubting myself...me april 4, 1967 him june 6, 1977 her may 30, 1981? Thank you. does he really love me and want to marry me like he says?

ANSWER: Hello Diana,

Thank you for your question.  I have drawn 3 cards for you, Death reversed, the ace of pentacles reversed, and the 2 of pentacles reversed.

Death is a card of transformation and new life. This relationship is coming to an end, and you need to let go of the past and start over again. You are on the verge of a major change but for some reason, you are resisting making that change. You do not necessarily want to make the change or you may not know how to make the changes you need.

The reversed Ace of Pentacles indicates that you are trying to manifest what you want from this relationship, but you are not getting very far because of obstacles in your way. You may need to re-evaluate and change your plans or try a different approach. Perhaps what you want from this relationship is not realistic.

The reversed Two of Pentacles advises you not to over-commit to this relationship, especially on a material or financial level. Do not commit to too many plans as a couple at this time or make any financial commitments together.

Hope this helps,

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QUESTION: UK or USA? could you please see where would be best for me to start accepting this change? Thank you.

Hello Diana,

Sorry I did not see your follow-up question.  In response to your question, I drew one card for you, the Knight of Swords.  You may feel like running away and starting over in another place, but I do not get the sense that you will actually move away from where you are now.


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