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Adam (Arlington, VA 9/4/84) and Hannah (Phillipines 11/14/85). I have been friends with Hannah for almost 8 years now and during at least 3 of them up until 2011, we had a relationship that was much more than that. During that time, I took her for granted and will be honest when I say that I was not in love with her (even after she confessed her love for me). She went on dating another guy and we still remained good friends. For at least the past year, I have been clinically depressed for reasons I can't understand. Now all of the sudden out of nowhere, I have these feelings for her that I can't get out of my head. I want to tell her these feelings but at the same time, want to know if these are genuine or are they due to my depression and I just don't want her out of my life. I truly do care for her but was not able to commit during our time together. If the feelings are genuine, is this something I should pursue or move on and remain friends(as I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings or get hurt myself)? Also, were we connected in a past life? Your insight would greatly help me during this confusing time, thanks.

Dear Adam,
all relations of this birth in which we are revolving are connected with us in past birth. Relation with Hannah also i want to clear here that surely she was connected with you in your past life. My cards show that you are and you will be good friends in future too. do not feel depressed. My advice to you just move with the time and wait patiently you will get your answer very soon. But dont give any other name to you relationship. God bless you Adam and all the best for your future life.  

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