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Hi I was wondering if I may have a general reading, dob is 30 January 1980. Many thanks.

Hello Hasith,

Your cards today are:

Lessons from the past...knight of coins...perception
Where you are now...9 of swords...useless regrets
Next step forward...knight of wands (in reverse) ... confidence
advice...king of swords...forging the spirit
another direction...5 of wands (in reverse)...overcoming struggles

General pattern: There is a lot of energy and activity feeling around these cards. It isn't a warning of anything bad, but more a message of 'brace yourself for an exciting ride". The energy and change may have already begun, and much of it is going to be internal, personal growth, philosophy sort of things   The good news is that ALL of your cards are from the minor arcana, which gives me the feeling that the energy, change, learning is going to be all in a good direction for you - an enjoyable adventure - plus that any "bumps in the road" will be small and short-lived in retrospect. It might feel like a bit of stress and excitement while it is happening, but in the end you are likely to look back and think it wasn't so bad after all.

Lessons from the past: Knights are daring and brave. Here it feels as if the lesson is less from the past than it is about the past... it feels as if you are being challenged to re-think things, and re-visit old conclusions. "Things are not what they seem" come to mind. The feeling here reminds me of the way children learn multiplication - not literally, just as an example of the process. You know how tiny children first add 2+2+2 is 6. Later they learn the more sophisticated 2x3=6. That is the feeling here...on an emotional, spiritual, mental level you are moving from one way of thinking about life and the world into a more mature, evolved, sophisticated world view.

As you do that, you might find yourself caught up in thinking about old mistakes and mis-perceptions. I don't mean to imply this happened to you, but the EXAMPLE here is breaking up with someone for one reason...and finding out later they were unfaithful too...on perception being replaced by harsher knowledge. There may be a bit of that process as you learn and grow in general. Old, accepted ideas are sometimes replaced by harsher, harder knowledge. Here you are asked to make a choice. Either you can keep focusing on those old mis-perceptions, or you can let them go, grow and move one. The advice this card offers is "let go" of old useless regrets as you let go of old less-useful or untrue ideas.

To move forward, find confidence in yourself. The card being in reverse doesn't change the meaning of the card in my style of reading. It only changes the tenor or the message. In this case it gives it more of a sense of cautioning than advising...there may be a challenge that will shake your confidence and courage. Lots of knights in this reading - a reminder to be brave. You may have a difficult decision to make at some point. Don't take the easy way out...do what you deep-down know is the RIGHT thing to do.

The advice card in your reading feels more like a promise card instead. It is a reassurance, a promise, that if you do these things...make the brave choices based on clearer-than-before perceptions, don't let yourself focus on past mistakes, learn, act with confidence and courage...all those things...then  you will grow and become a better person, perhaps in more ways than you imagine now. Your efforts and diligence will let you find things that make you happy. Maybe not rich, but gains in more valuable, intangible, spiritual things.

The message from the last card has two aspect. The confusion card so resonates with the first three cards it doesn't feel like much of an alternative...as if the choices, challenges, learning and growing has you surrounded, you can't escape. The point of choosing another path has passed, and you are at a brand new decision point...one of growing bravely and letting go of old hurts or allowing yourself to stagnate, wallow, grow foggy and confused about life - instead of moving forward like a brave knight.

The other half of the message is that the "new" you...the braver, more insightful, free-from-the-past you might be confusing to some people, especially relatives, especially those who lack your courage and progressiveness. There may be old friends, older relatives (a mother or older female comes to mind) who just don't understand your new courage and new direction. I have a mental image of that older female holding their face in their hands wondering "what has gotten into them?" Part of the brave things you can do is to reassure them that you are ok, you are doing what is right for you, that you still care for them...even if you don't feel the same about old ideas and customs as you did in the past.

Summary: These are just mental impressions that add detail over and above what the cards have given. I see green, white and gold, like a fancy, patterned fabric. Those colors in particular feel like a reassurance that career will be ok...you might not be a millionaire, but it is moving in the right direction. Does your work have anything to do with fabric or clothing? I also see green, in trees in the background behind a stone building. Did I see you are from India? Gonesh comes to mind for some reason. And milk. That's odd - I have no idea why that would be.

Now my minds eye is drawn to puffs of bright color - pink especially - like a festival I saw on TV one time that is a celebration of color somehow? I'm sorry I don't remember the details from the show...just the mental image of puffs of pink, red and orange.

And there the energy withdraws.

I hope this is helpful to you. Your reading has such a brave, progressing, learning energy around it...may I share a private (no name or location used) version of it with my blog readers? It might encourage them as much as I hope this has encouraged you...you are on a path to the bright and brave as I see it.

Good luck and best wishes!  

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