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QUESTION: Hiya, thank you for your time. Can you tell if he 'j' august 1, 1959 and i april 4, 1967 will connect again? x

ANSWER: Hello Diana, and Thank You for Contacting me.

It seems that after a period of feeling left out of each others lives, he will write you a letter. He will be confessing to the truths of which he left you confused about. But then after that your communication will just hang there and you won't speak again for a while.

Hope this helps,


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QUESTION: Vadella, being honest with you, i want this to be my last life time. I feel i need to sit and chat just for a few...will that happen?

ANSWER: What is your birth Date if I haven't told you for life theme.

He will be talking to you. :)


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QUESTION: 04/04/1967 is my birthdate. His is august 1, 1959.

Hello Dianna, Sorry it took me so long!

Your life theme is You are the Emperor. You're in your 4th lifetime. You come here seeking control of your environment. You expect those around you to be respectful of you and won't put up with anything less, unless you are extremely close with them. You want to be in charge at all possible times. You are the type of person that is very passionate about what you do. If someone goes against you, you then seek revenge in a way that you know will hurt them. People look up to you because you are a breath of fresh air. Then there are those that fear you because they are afraid of what you will do next. You do well in a situation where everything seems to be up to you. You aren't always tyrannical... there are many who have and will continue to look up to you in their own way. Your lesson in life is to lead by example and to be a rock to others.

Him: He is The Lovers. And you are in your 6th lifetime. The Lovers as a life theme is a confusing one. You spend a lot of time making decisons using you heart , but then you have outsiders asking you WHY? and which in itself is what confuses you. You tend to fall for people left and right, but as quick as you fell for them, you fall right back out, and move on to the next. You're in love with love itself. You constantly have to make choices on practically everything in your life. Where as it might be easier for someone else to say, "This is the shirt I want", You stand there, staring at two different shirts and to make it worse.... 3. You change your mind often and sometimes regret not going with your gut feeling. Your lesson in life is to go with your heart when it comes to any decision making and not to allow a fog of confusion to creep into your mind. Block out people who think negatively and who could be of some influence. Also work on remaining solid and consistent.

See, you know what you want and how you want things to go and he doesn't know what he wants and is always confused. Together you were the Magician and that's not an easy relationship to hold onto, because sometimes childish and manipulative things happen.

Hope I have helped!


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