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Hello Pooja,
..my name is Silvia (DOB 04.02.79, Italy) and I am dating Yomar (04.29.77, Brazil). I would love to know more about this connection..How do you see us? Do you see a future for this connection? Thank you :)

Dear Silvia,
my cards show this relation will last for some years dear. One time will come when you will alter him with other due to some reasonable conditions. You will compare Yomar with the other person whom will come in your life in future. So all the best for your future life. God bless you Silvia.

For more details you can contact me personally. My address is;
Pooja Mishra, Asst. Director
International Institute Of Astrology and Occult science (Regd 072)
E mail: info@occulttreasures.com
Mob:+91 9437020474

Thank you.  

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