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Hiya, i have a problem that i was wanting advice about. July 2010 around 6:50pm to 7:35pm, can you see what your tarot says please about him june 6, 1977 if maybe unfaithful at that moment please? Can you tell me what cards you get please? i 04/04/1967 have thought he did with her may 30, 1981. See, i know its been a while but it plays on my mind. I have asked him numerous times and he says nothing like that happened. Im confused. Would you ask your cards about this please? Thanx.


Thank you for writing me. I reworded your question a little to better read your cards. I asked the tarot if you are or were able to trust your boyfriend(partner).

The cards said that there is debauchery and someone persuing too many desires. There is a smooth passage from difficult time approaching though. You will soon find comfort from hard times.

There will be a new beginning you must have faith and courage in yourself. Things will be ok.

I normally do not take these questions but I hope I helped.

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