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QUESTION: Hi Cherie, I am looking for a better job opportunity or an overseas assignment, will I get it sometime soon. Nov 30, 1978 Loc: Pune, India
Thanks, Amit


Thank you for writing me. I drew your cards and it looks really good. Recently there has been an approach to the chievement of a goal. Currently you are entering a phase of successful creative endeavors, and very shortly there will be an exciting idea or completion of a project!

So don't give up yet. A successful oppertunity has already been set into motion. So long as you remain headed in the same direction on this path you will be fine.

I hope I helped

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QUESTION: Thanks for your time Cherie, this was helpful, I have an idea which I what to work on, lets see how it goes.
But my question was more around a new job at a new place(bangalore), I am working at Pune now. Can you please help me with a yes/no reading if that will be possible soon, will I be relocate with a better job.
Also, would be great if you can please share the cards which come up, I bought a Rider-Waite tarot deck recently.
Regards, Amit


I rarely do follow ups any more but I will make an exception. For one thing I already answered this question. But to refresh your memory the answer was YES there will be a successfult oppertunity that arises.

For another of your questions, no I can't answer a lot of questions with a simple yes or no. Because people make their own decisions. I can't answer that you will definitely go over seas because what if you decide not to go or not to accept this job? In my experience people are fickle. I answer questions based on a person's CURRENT situation and path, if they stray off that path then the results of their fortune is what they caused.

I can't tell you what to decide because my intuition doesn't work that way. You must decide FIRST and then I may be able to tell you how something works out.

I hope this makes sense.

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