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Dear Edson

I am H born 30 January 1980. I was wondering if I will ever reconnect with my friend E with whom I felt I like I have come home and the journey ends. She has stopped being in touch the reason which I do not know and it's been over 6 months since we spoke. Is there any chance we might reconnect or meet again. I would be very thankful for your insight.

Dear Hasith,

E is engaged in a personal journey that is transforming the way she perceives her place and role in the world. She has council from a mentor whom is master of the material and immediately substantial. As she has felt herself at a hopeless impasse, isolated by and from the world around her, she longs for the symbiosis of abundance that only a balance of heart and hearth might provide. She will learn the sacrifice and effort necessary to achieve that which she seeks, and will taste the acrid tincture that accompanies the sweetness of victory. The sacrifice she is likely to make is that of neglecting the wisdom of her own heart.

Your faith in your own mind and consciousness has been shaken by this separation. As it passes, you will be released to engage in the world with an energy denied you for some time. This will enable you to balance wisely the elect a position in this world that fulfills you.

You are not likely to have any meaningful contact with E going forward. Your paths are different, and having realized those things in her, you may be more able to discern them in others with whom you will share a longer stretch of road.

Acceptance is part of Faith,


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As an intuitive psychic, I frequently employ my gifts with the assistance of Tarot. I offer my services on this site, without seeking compensation, in appreciation of the gifts with which I have been blessed. I provide insight into influences and circumstances that affect the situations with which you are concerned. I do not answer absolute questions. For example: if asked “Will my Ex come back?”, I will not answer “Yes” or “No”. I will provide you with descriptions of people, events, issues, challenges and opportunities that are influencing you both. I may also recommend ways to address these factors. As your destiny is determined by both fate and choice, the future is not absolute. I do need from you a description of the issue. I ask that you provide names to aid in my focus. (For your privacy, you may choose to use different names, but please pick ones that are relevant and meaningful to you.) If you wish to do so, providing age, cultural and/or religious information may assist me in tailoring my response to your experience. My responses are compassionate and polite, but may not be what you wish to hear. If there is anything I will not disclose in a public forum, I will indicate this in my response. Although trained in mediumship, I am not a practicing medium. I do not venture into Astrology, Numerology, Energy Healing or Spirit Communication. I work with and for others with these particular abilities, and will be happy to provide referrals when requested.


I have been an intuitive psychic since my early adulthood. I continually developed my abilities in Claircognizence, Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, Psychometry, Dream Interpretation and Intuition throughout my personal and professional life. I studied psychic development and mediumship at a leading metaphysical center in Western New York. I am an Ordained Minister and Practicing Chaplain, and have continually provided psychic insight and counseling for individuals and organizations of various cultural and religious traditions.

Regional Tarot Practitioners Association; The Sanctuary of the Beloved; Western NY Mediums Guild; Order of Melchizedek

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