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My name is Antoinette and I'm born on October 9, 1983.  My old friend's name is Espie and she is born on August 2, 1983 and my other old friend's name is Maria and she is born on April 24, 1983.  I have gotten into an argument with Espie a year and a half ago and haven't spoken to her since then.  Because Maria is brainwashed by Espie she got involved in the fight and took Espie's side.  Does Maria feel guilty for doing that and does she plan on talking to me again?

Thank you.


First I want to thank you for taking the time to write me and I appreciate the chance to read your cards.

I asked the tarot your questions and the Tarot not only had answers but also offered advice to you.

The tarot says you must offer Maria clear and firm boundries that are true to your and her personal values. This will help both of you repair your friendship. Maria seems to be easily pressured is what the Tarot indicates. She has a weak will and seems to be very submissive towards other people. She has a hard time saying no or being disagreeable. As her friend you may soon be offered a chance to let her know how she might be able to do her own thing. You may be in a possition soon to tach her or mentor her to stand more independantly.

You will both have an un easy reconcilliation. But the Tarot advises that you must repair the previous damage to your relationship or this friendship will not last.

I hope I helped and I wish you good luck and happiness.

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