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im lauching a website on may/june 2013 and would like to know what i should be aware to make it a success and the possibilities ahead.
Carlos/27/02/73-São Paulo Brasil.


Thank you for writing me and for your patienence in waiting for my answer.

I drew a few cards for you. They were a Queen of cups, 8 of cups, and the Queen of swords.

This tells me that there will be emotional problems. The cups are the suit of emotions and relationships. Pulling the queen tells me that you may have or be having some problems in your personal relationship and the cards are warning you not to let your personal relationship problems reflect in your buisiness. This is also a warning that heart ache may be comming your way.

The future holds a very by the book and professional lady who will take the place of the emotional lady. This new lady will be fair and just regardless of her personal feelings and the queen also serves as a future reminder that you must try to be more objective.

I hope I helped.


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I can read cards about money, love, buisiness and things of that nature. I DO NOT read on medical questions or pregnant questions (will the baby be a boy? When will I concieve? Those questions) I DO NOT answer any questions about deceased individuals.I DO NOT answer questions related to OTHER PEOPLE either. Ask about YOU and YOUR spouse , or job, or relationship. I will send these sorts of questions to the pool. I can help answer questions for people who are trying to learn to read tarot cards and also I can help people get started with reading tarot for others. To read effectively I will need your first name, birthdate, and location.


I have read cards since I was 12 years old for family and friends. I was taught to read cards by my mother who was taught by her mother. I have read cards for small social events and have also read cards online. I have received very happy reviews from other people I have read for. I have been reading cards for 15 years as I am 28. I was raised around tarot cards and am going to teach my children as well if they are intrested. I can also read runes but I like cards better

Aeclectic.com, I have read for a lot of people on aeclectic and have plenty of friends there including a mentor and friend who works for Keen.

AllExperts.com and LunasGrimoire.com

I have generations of tarot readers and am a third generation reader. my family hands this skill down from parent to child thanks to my grandmother who started this tradition when she taught my mom and aunts and uncle§

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Just people who appreciate me and people who smile and tell me how helpful my readings are to them.

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