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Hello, thank you very much for doing this reading. My date year is 1973.
I have been single for a long - lots of reasons for this, including trying to find a security for myself through work, plus one past broken relationship which was a difficult experience for me.

But now, I am looking forward to drawing the right relationship/right man into my life. I would be grateful if you can do a reading on when or how this will happen.

Thanks a lot again

Using the Tarot cards, the ONE card chosen for you is Three of Pentacles.

This tells you that it's no coincidence that you sought for security through your work, because this needed to happen before a romantic love entered your life. And this card tells you there is a likely chance that you meet your potential partner through your work.

As much as I would love to go into depth, here ends the free reading.  

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ONE Tarot card drawn for you - I connect to your energies in the subconscious realm, my spirit guides will give you a brief answer.

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