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Hello Baihu,

How are you today? :) My name is Chidinma, and i'd like a general please. I'm on my path to spiritual guidance, self-discovery and would really like your guidance or advice :)

Thankyou in advance Baihu. :)

Annyeonghaseyo Chidinma

You have a lovely energy! And your cards today reflect that.

To start, there is a feeling of gentleness and comfort - the impression is that you are on a good learning path, and that the lessons will be as clear and gentle as you would like them to be. Some people need to learn from very hard, difficult circumstances. You learn well, and are sincere, so your life lessons and spiritual path have a gentle feel. The mental image here is of a flat, clear, easy-to-walk path (nothing fancy, not a street of gold, but a warm, comfortable path) The feeling is also like a favorite, soft piece of clothing, like soft cotton. The system shows the country of origen for the questions, and I see you are in Seoul (I had a friend in college who was from there - he taught me to say hello in Korean) - but for some reason Indian sari dresses come to mind, and the feel of soft cotton cloth like that. I don't know if sari dresses or India or soft cotton has any significance for you - I leave that for you to decide. Maybe it is the India connection somehow - but "Buddha" and Buddhism come to mind. Also sunset...warm, gold and orange colors, very relaxed, comforted, content and happy feelings. It feels like this is a good omen for you.

Your first card, lessons from the past, is the Page of Coins, reversed (meaning the card turned over upside down). It's traditional meaning is "wonder" . The feeling here is one of maturing, growing. You've learned to be mature, responsible and wise...and are on a good path now in that respect. There is a feeling of validation here, you are being thanked by spirit for thinking about those sorts of things, and for 'giving yourself over' to spiritual things, and for walking this learning path. The advice feeling from this card is not to forget the wonder...don't forget to play, and enjoy life, as a child might. Take simple pleasure in things - a favorite sweet food, a zoo, a game - don't forget to do the little things that give you pleasure and remind you of the wonder and the good things in life.

The next card is the 9 of wands. this card shows were you are now, and to help understand your current situation. Where coins cards have to do with the physical real-world parts of life (like the simple pleasures mentioned by the last card), wands cards have to do with philosophy, how you see the world and think about things. The 9 of wands means acceptance. This isn't to say that you have to allow people to take advantage of you, or to give in to bad circumstances - what this card talks about is seeing things realistically. Good or bad, try to see things as they are. Have you ever had a tendency to see things as being better than they are...overly optomistic? It is ok to acknowledge when things are wrong, so you can fix the problem. By the same token, there is no need to make things worse than they are either. Do you have people like that around you? I get the feeling that if you were ever overly cheery it was only to balance them, to try and lift other people's spirits. The advice of this card is to see things as they are, then you can go on to celebrate the good and to fix the bad.

The next card shows your next step forward - although most of the time this card tends to give advice, in your case it feels much more like validation and encouragement. This is the Page of Cups. Cups has to do with close relationship...or as is more likely the case for you...it's more ancient meaning is intuition. The meaning of the page of cups specifically is "dealing with demons"...whatever challenges or unfortunate circumstances you may have lived through, you have dealt with them well. The phrase that comes to mind is "demons done" and most especially "keep up the good work". To keep moving forward, release the old bad things, and keep doing what you are doing well as far as your own spiritual learning and growing is concerned. You are doing it right...keep it up.

The next card is the advice card, and is the 8 of wands. This card's meaning is drawn from Taoism, and is sometimes called the "ten thousand things"...it means the totality of everything, or what the Germans call "gestalt". The advice to help you is to keep the big picture in mind. Look at the totality of your situation, not focus on just one part: celebrate all of your life, rather than worry about just work, or focus just on one relationship - consider it all together.

The last card is an alternate direction card. Since you are on a good path already, this card feels like a caution...something to watch out for and avoid so things don't get derailed, so you can stay in this good direction. The card is the King of Coins. It means trust, but it came up reversed like the Page. Don't think of this as a warning about job career or wealth. It feels more like a way of thinking that could come to affect the physical world if you let it...in this case, it feels like the "trust" is trust in yourself. Trust that you are doing the right things, learning the right lessons. Trust yourself to make good decisions and keep this positive direction going. Slips in confidence can come, and there may be problems that will be chances for you to learn to trust your judgement...but if you know ahead of time to trust your self, and trust your judgement of other people (you know who to trust and who not to trust) - if you know all that ahead of time, then your challenges and lessons can remain gentle, like the path we were shown in the beginning.

Usually I end with the mental images, colors and feelings like the ones that came at the beginning for you. It feels as though the energy reminds us of those first impressions and then step back.

I hope this helps!

Best wishes to you - good luck!



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