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Hi, my name is Sophia and I'm born Jan. 11 1983. If possible, I would like a reading about what's going on and my upcoming future. Whatever is important for me to know. Thank you and God bless you.

Hi Sophia

I have to say this just because of the sheer volume of people I get here asking about their "upcoming future" despite everything I put on my profile: Tarot readings can not predict the future. Your upcoming future is in your hands. That in itself is important for you to know.

My hunch is that a five card "modern oracle" style reading is best here. The first card shows important lessons from the past, the second looks at where you are now, the third gives you ideas about how best to move forward NOT what the future will be. These three show the path you are on now. The fourth is overall advice, and the last is an alternate direction you might consider, based on your decisions and actions. Within any of these card positions, there can be one of three basic messages: advice (something to consider doing) cautions (something to consider avoiding) and validations (acknowledgement of things you done, a cosmic "thank you")

past...the Magician...transformation
now...knight of cups... sufficiency
next step...8 of wands...10 thousand things (potential)

advice...the Tower (in reverse)...chaos

alternatives...7 of swords...losing the way

General Patterns: Two major arcana cards (magician and tower) in a spread of this size is significant, and a hint that there will likely be energy and change for you, but the minor arcana cards are still in the majority here, so that is a reassurance that the changes won't be too traumatic or dramatic. In fact, the feeling here is that the changes will be mostly internal. Rather than changes in the nuts and bolts of life (where you work, where you live etc)...it feels like the learning and changes will be internal, personal growth, maturing, spiritual growth sorts of things.

The Magician card feels like it is asking you to remember a time in the past when you felt particularly calm, confident, competent and "in the zone". Hold on to that...whatever you did then, do that again. It feels very young...you might have to think all the way back to high school or jr high to have the memory 'click' as to what that is talking about. It might take some thinking to remember the 'in the groove' kind of feeling, coping skill, activity this is talking about - but it will come to you.

The knight of cups talks about the idea of 'enough'. It always reminds of that line from Mary Poppins "enough is a good as a feast". There is no need for excess. The idea here is to be aware of all the good things that you DO have and not worry about the extras that you don't. Stay positive!

Cups in general have to do close relationships...not just romance. I don't get any sense of romance in this reading one way or another. The relationship here feels more like family or a close friend. There is a sense of disappointment - there may be changes in some relationships that make you feel sad and disappointed - not because of something they do to you (in fact it feels very important that you do NOT take things personally, and stay objective) but more you feeling disappointed over some choice they make that hurts themselves. There is a sense of a growing apart, and a friend or younger female, like a little sister sort of energy. There is a feeling of sadness, yes, but knowing you have to let them make their own way and learn their own lessons...sad you can't do it for them. Not to sound like a Hallmark movie, but is there drugs or alcohol involved in a situation like that? That sounds so dramatic...if it is totally off, I'll leave it to you to figure out what that feeling might be symbolizing.

The third card is clear advice: focus on the bright potential of your own future. The world is your oyster. This feels a bit career and work oriented...lots of option, lots of fall-back options, lots of choices..take charge here, and do what you need to do to make work what you want it to be. The underlying message is individual for you on an internal, spiritual level too. Wands in general have to do with inner spiritual growth, personal philosophy, your view of the world. Wands have to do with the element fire, in this case "your inner fire"... there is great potential for learning, growing, becoming the person you deep-down really really are. Seize the opportunity.

The tower is more caution than advice: don't get too caught up in the negatives, or in other people's problems. Help when you can, yes, but know where you can't...don't enable. Know your boundaries. Keep things clear so you know your own options and can take your own best course out of all the opportunities available to you. The Tower is all about perspective. The way out of chaos is to get perspective of the WHOLE picture. It is like climbing a tower so you can see out over a whole battlefield...it may be chaos out there, but it you gain a little overview, keep things in perspective, see what is important and what is just smoke and noise...then you can see your way out, see what really needs to be done.

The fact that the card is upside down underlines the feeling of risk and caution (not give it the opposite meaning as some old-school readers give reversals). You may have a tendency to get caught up in details, and get overwhelmed in other people's problems - lose the forest in the trees as they say. This card is warning you to avoid that if at all possible.

The last card shows what will happen if you allow yourself to loose perspective, lose yourself in details and other people's problems (how ever sad it makes you to see what is going on). You can't help others if you are lost and suffering yourself.

The summary is clear - If you take the advice the tower card offers...the world is your oyster and many options can open up for you. If you repeat old patterns, loose perspective, allow yourself to get lost in unimportant details, allow yourself to get over-involved in un-helpful ways...then you could lose your way too, and be of no help to yourself or anyone else. Think back to the past, think back to a time when you were clear, confident and "in the zone" to help you think of ways to help you recapture that now.

And there the energies step back.

Best Wishes!


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