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Hi there!

I am from the US and I wanted to inquire about me and another (E.C.) I would spell out the name, but the spelling and origin is pretty distinctive so I hope that initials will do? Haha, well I was wondering what feelings he might have towards me.

A little background is that we started out as friends with benefits (didn't really last too long, however) and along the way, I developed feelings. I have told him of this and now we are apart. He is not a person that likes to talk about his own feelings,and I don't want to push and make a mess in our friendship. I am wondering now, what feelings he may hold towards me? Thank you for taking time out of your schedule by the way. I appreciate it! :)


Answering this from the question pool Jina - This means that the psychic expert you contacted has chosen not to answer your question (I'm sure they had a valid reason) and as it's publicly visible, I am choosing to use my time and energy to answer your question.

So you can help me and yourself by looking at my profile and seeing how to get the best possible free answer to a question about your love life :)

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