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Hello Nahimana, my name is Hakan september 13 1964. i would like to know when i will fall in love with someone very nice and get married? Thank you.

Using the Tarot cards, the ONE card chosen for you is TEN of WANDS

This tells you that you are carrying a heavy burden around with you (past relationships? disbelief in the existence of love? feeling unworthy to be loved? not loving yourself? many reasons, you know the truth if you listen to yourself) so to find love, get rid of these burdens you carry with you. Picture them as chains tying you down like Scrooge :) unable to feel happy and light weight. Remember Angels can fly about because they take themselves lightly :) So if you're looking for love, start believing in love because you will only get what you believe and seek. It's all about resonating energies.

As much as I would love to go into depth, here ends the free reading.  

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