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QUESTION: hi im mandy 7,11,59 and my husband is andrew 29,12,59 we are separated and hes with someone else. hes been left 3 mths but has been coming and going since last august last year. i think he still loves me and he wont let go. i love him very much we have been together 30 yrs. im confused about how he really feels.Do u see him opening up to me and telling me how he really feels soon and possible reunion in future months?
im tired of waiting for him and need to know if i should give up on him even though i know hes not happy with her he doesnot seem to be able to leave her. thank you so much for your time mandyx

ANSWER: Hello Mandy,

Thank you for your question.  I have drawn 3 cards for you, Judgement, the 8 of wands and the 4 of cups reversed.

Judgement is about finding absolution. Through a period of self-evaluation, you will feel a sense of cleansing, and you will finally be released of your sorrow about the past. This represents a wonderful purging process and will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on a new direction in life. You are at a crossroads, aware that any decision that you make will bring about significant change. The choice is an obvious one, perhaps the only viable one. You know that this choice must be made and you will face it with maturity and level-headedness. Trust your judgement completely and know that you are on the right path. If you still require clarity on the situation, look to your past experiences and life lessons which will guide you on the right path.

The 8 of wands is an action-oriented card that encourages you to move quickly to pursue the best opportunities available right now. Determine where your energy will be directed and move forward quickly.

The four of cups reversed reflects that you have been going through a period of stagnation,or apathy,and you need to break free from this rut. Put aside any negative thoughts or behavior. Embrace the opportunities that are being offered to you. Reconnect with others and start a new beginning for yourself.

In summary, deep in your heart you know the right direction to take for yourself.  Do not keep yourself in limbo and sorrow.  Take action and move forward with your life.

Hope this helps,

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: thankyou so much for your reply it made sense. Do you think the 8 of wands might mean he will contact me soon? as it means action and quickly? thankyou aagain mandy

Hello Mandy,

The 8 of wands refers to actions taken by you.  You need to act quickly on what is in your best interest.  You are missing opportunities in life by waiting on Andrew to do something or to call.  Move forward quickly making a new life for yourself.

Hope that clarifies your question.

Best Wishes,

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