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My name is dhwani and i'm a female? I'm from India[Mumbai] and my dob is 20 august 1991.I am in love with a guy and his name is daya and his dob is 6 october 1989.he is also from mumbai,India. I want to know do i have any past life connection with him? Karmic or soul connection? Because i fell in love with him instantly without even knowing him properly.If you think you dont want to answer this question then just do reading on will i get in a long term relation with him? If yes then is it soon?

My profile - if you even took the time to read it :) says "Love question only, ONE per person" which is why I asked you which ONE question you want answered freely - whether it's your past life question or this currently life love - clearly you have chosen this life -

Your question is just let me know is he going to fall gor me ever? will he approach me?

Using the Tarot cards, two cards jumped out 1. 10 of Wands 2. 3 of Swords

This tells you are fooling yourself with fancy notions that you are in love with Daya, when clearly he's done nothing to reciprocate this feelings of yours. I get a sense that all this dreaming is too much hard work for Daya, and ultimately you're going to get 'broken-hearted' because there's no relationship that exists between you too - so in answer to your question, no Dhwani, he's not going to ever fall for you.

As much as I would love to go into depth, here ends the free reading.  

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